Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Norwegian company could put bendable mobiles within reach.

Norwegian Graphite is to conduct test drilling in to northern Norwegian mines in the hunt for more graphite. This could be used for a substance called graphene, hundreds of times stronger than steel and flexible. The hunt for graphite is on in the Sortland and Meløy municipalities in northern Norway, NRK reports. There has been little industrial activity in the Meløy after its mine was closed down in 1980. The last period, in which mica was produced for just 10 years in the ’70s, was a mere interlude compared to the heyday of mining in the region between 1932 and 1945.

Norwegian Graphite now has started its test drilling due to the discovery of the new substance called graphene.

Finland a Pionner in Sustainable Extractive Industries.

Finland is one of the leading mining countries in Europe. Now, Finland wants to move a step further and become the leading sustainable mining country in the world. “Action Plan for Development of Sustainable Extractive Industries” was published on April 29th 2013.
Finnish companies have made great progress in mining technology. On the other hand, we have seen that mining can cause environmental and social impacts. Few but significant environmental failures have overshadowed the success.  Of all the nations, we should know that systematic work is needed to achieve mining industry that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mining Makes Your Life Possible

Whether it's your bicycle or cellphone, life as you know it would not exist without minerals. 

So, you're parking both the family car and the transit pass, biking to work instead and feeling a tad righteous about helping British Columbia wean itself from its dirty addiction to the mining industry and the minerals it extracts. Say thanks to a coal miner for the privilege. And don't forget the hardrock miner. Not to mention the smelter crew and the roughneck yanking pipe on some frigid drill rig. 

Oh, and say thanks to the trucker hauling canisters of molybdenum, titanium or tungsten concentrate or the geologist staking gold, silver or rare earths deposits. 

Without them and the industries that employ them, you'd be walking, not biking. Bicycles, unless you ride one you made yourself from bamboo, lashings of hemp and dried banana peels, is entirely manufactured from materials obtained by mining - steel processed by burning metallurgical coal, perhaps lightened by adding specialized metals like titanium; plastic and synthetic rubber obtained from petroleum products.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Financing For Mustavaaran Kaivos.

Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy (MKOy) is pleased to announce it has raised an initial part of the financing needed (€ 15 million in total) to complete the feasibility study on its Mustavaara vanadium-iron project. The on-going feasibility study involves development and testing of a “state of the art” smelting process for Mustavaara.  Final products will be ferrovanadium and iron metal (pig iron), produced at competitive costs, low energy consumption and minimal environmental impact.  
The financing was obtained by issuing new shares to Tamares Mining Group B.V. and Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company.  Mr. Tapani Järvinen, member of the board, also participated and has become a new shareholder of the company.
Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) has recently provided a grant for pilot-scale smelting tests conducted by Swerea MEFOS, in addition to an earlier grant for concentrating test work at the pilot plant of the Geological Survey of Finland in 2012.
ELY-keskus (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) is also providing financial support to MKOy in business development activities aimed at bringing the Mustavaara mine back into production.
 Jan Akkerman, managing director of MKOy comments:  “We are extremely grateful to Tekes and ELY-keskus for the financial support received and confidence expressed in our mission to re-open the Mustavaara mine. This support from the Finnish State is essential for junior mining companies like us, to attract the necessary funds especially during periods of economic recession like today.”
Additional information: Jukka Pitkäjärvi, Project Manager, Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy

Friday, March 2, 2012

Electro magnetic survey uncovers high conductive area in the Seiland Igneous Province

Nordic Mining is pleased to announce that the geophysical survey, within the Company's pre-claims in western Finnmark and northern Troms, northern Norway, has been carried out successfully. An area with elevated conductivity was discovered within the Reinfjord Intrusion (attachment 1 and 3). Areas of elevated conductivity could potentially host sulphide deposits.
Nordic Mining holds several mineral pre-claims in the Seiland Igneous Province. The province is known for its layered intrusions sharing geological features with large ore-forming provinces such as "Bushveld" in South Africa and "Sudbury" in Canada. Nordic Mining regards the complex as prospective for nickel (Ni), copper (Cu) and platinum group elements (PGE), and has targeted two areas for exploration; the "Lokkarfjord" and "Reinfjord" ultramafic intrusions. In both areas sulphide mineralizations have been encountered. Nordic Mining initiated a geophysical survey to investigate areal distribution and possible depth continuations of the known deposits and to search for new ones.
The surveys were carried out by the Danish geophysical company SkyTem during July ( SkyTem uses world leading technology for airborne electromagnetic mapping (TDEM). The technology allows for high resolution mapping with the ability to map deep conductors (down to 500 meters). The survey was carried out by helicopter using both TDEM and magnetic susceptibility measurements. A total of 65 km were flown in Lokkarfjord and 421 km in Reinfjord.

Reinfjord mineralization
Disseminated sulphides have been reported in several places in the Reinfjord intrusion forming a typical Contact-Type mineralization along the intrusion margins. Sample analyses show low-grade but interesting levels of Ni, Cu and Cobalt (Co) (attachment 2). Petrological examinations indicate a high level of Ni and Cu contained in sulphides (pentlandite and chalcopyrite) which is crucial for extractability. Preliminary concentration tests by Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) indicate that the sulphides can be concentrated effectively as a concentrate graded up to 4 % Ni and 3 % Cu and 0.3% Co.
The geophysical results for Reinfjord shows an elevated conductivity in the center part of the intrusion from surface down to 500 m (attachment 3). The conductivity pattern can be caused by a continuation and increasing level of the sulphides. A field check will be carried out to better understand the relationship between the sulphides and the conductive areas.

Lokkarfjord mineralization
A semi-massive sulphide mineralization has been reported in previous investigations from the 1970's as an outcrop in the steep hillside of Lokkarfjord. Nordic Mining engaged Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU) for mapping and sampling in the area in 2007. Analysis of a boulder originating from the mineralization show interesting grades for Ni (0.8 wt %), Cu (0.72 wt %), Co (0.05 wt %) and PGE (0.8 g/t). The geophysical survey did however not detect the mineralization or any other conductors in the area. It is probable that the mineralization is not of a size that is recognizable in the survey. A field check is planned to interpret the results in more detail. 

Field investigations
Nordic Mining has assigned Professor Rune Larsen from NTNU Trondheim and consulting geologist, Dr. Markku Iljina, specialized in layered intrusions and related nickel and platinum deposits, for its Seiland Project. The Company is undertaking a 3 week field exploration program in August to check the results detected by the geophysical survey. The Reinfjord intrusion will be mapped in detail and sampled for base- and precious metal analysis. In addition to project leaders mentioned, the team consists of two geologists and two master's students. New results are expected to be ready in October 2011.
The qualified person for Nordic Mining's Seiland project, Markku Iljina, with a designation of European Geologist from the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), has reviewed and verified the contents of this release.

For questions please contact Markku Iljina.